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Keith's dad was an astronaut and his mum an alien and was conceived off world but born in Bracknell in Berkshire - "The reason I started drumming was because I couldn't tune my guitar and I was crap at it!!!. So I thought I'll be just one of those blokes who hang around with musicians!!! Needless to say I chopped down a tree and made x 2 sticks and bashed away on my dads fishing bait boxes!!. I eventually saved up and got a drum kit, slaved away in my bedroom, god bless me old mum & dad because I don't think I could cope with my kids doing that!!!

Anyway Bands I've played with over years are The Ray Nash Band (soul/blues),
Pegasus (MOR), Afterglow ( progressive rock) and Arris (rock, reggae, pop). Then
went off to USA and eventually joined a band called Metro who had just released an album (Dance of Romance) on the conch label. We played mainly in Key West in a famous bar called Capt Tony's 7 nights a week, 4 sets a night!!!$$$$$$$$$$

I eventually came back to the UK and lived in London. Where I started to ring
adds out of Melody Maker, which led me to audition for the
Clash (I had a mad afro hairdo at that time and it clashed with the image) and Dexys Midnight Runners but with no success.

I did get offered the job with New Model Army but I was in luv at the time so turned it down.

I did join a band called Chance Turin and did a short support tour with an
established artist. Jannette and the Planets, Big Noise, Prime Time Viewing, Model Trains, Dirt Dance and Sticky Like Candy and most recently The Unsuccessfuls who by the way were!!!!

Drum influences: Bill Ward, Stuart Copeland, John Bonham, Jeff Pocarro,
Keith Moon, Neil Peart, Buddy Rich, Bill Bruford, SteveGadd, Steve White.

Equipment: Ludwig Drums, Ziljian & Sabian Cymbals. Vic Firth SD9 sticks.

Likes: Warm sunshine, spicy food, smiley happy people, trying to make smiley happy people and chocolate, motorbikes, mountain bikes, speed (not drugs speed).

Dislikes: Don't' get me started - particularly on pond life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Keith also gives drumming lessons and currently has room in his schedule, please contact him by his email addy for further details


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