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Mary Anne was born a while back in a village called Flitwick in a Sheepfold. A self confessed thumb-sucker at the age of 9 sat on a bikers lap, stuck her thumb in and put her hand down said bikers shirt and recoiled in horror, she had just experienced her first manly hairy chest (now once a month when the moon is high she sports one of her own!). Just a few years later at the age of 15 sitting on the couch watching Goldfinger, sucking her thumb there was suddenly hysterical laughter from her boyfriend, the thumb sucking stopped right there.

Singing was a passion right from the beginning - while staying with a favourite Aunt she shouted up the stairs one day for the music to be turned down, it was Mary Anne belting out Wuthering Heights. But it started earlier than that sitting on her Daddys knee singing Oh Suzanna Wont you Cry for me or showtunes with Mum like Oaklahoma and Oliver and listening to her Mummy's fine operatic renditions from Madame Butterfly and Carmen.

The first keyboard came for Christmas at age 9 it was a Rosedale Chord Organ, which taught Mary Anne the beginnings of playing by ear (which hurt so she started using her fingers instead with better results).

In 1988 she sang to a live audience for the very first time, twas a baptism by fire as the audience over 250 people had all set themselves alight just moments before.

A sideways claim to fame or rather infamy (they've all got it infamy), I worked for the same company as the composer of the Birdie Song - which tops Keith's Depping for Gary Glitter (I think) on the "I don't wanna tell people that" stakes!

Previous bands include - Masquerade, Six Pack, A Bit of Oomph, The Downloads, and Subway and a brief spell as dep for Ned Kelly.

Likes: Romantic evenings in, going out to dine, London Hotels who know how to do it right, speaking in tongues (French, German, Italian, Spanish, Manderin, Latin, fluent Effluent) dont ask me to translate though because it might be that i think I know how to ask for the salt and could instead be asking could i speak to the submarine in Italian! Korma with 3 green Chillis, Flowers, Stupid girlie films that make me cry, Makeover shows, Next Gen and Voyager and Enterprise, Original Art by Angel, building websites, growing tomatoes and runner beans, spending quiet time with Kev and fluffy bunnies, and I love my children and cats. Purrrfect!

Dislikes: Malibu and all things coconut except for Korma. I hate Ginger cakes and biscuits, Tiramisu (bless u), websites that take too long to upload, rude people, Oasis, spots, ironing, filing, iron filings and preparing accounts.

For more information, shoe size, or any other anatomical part or a lock of hair and autograph then please contact

And in true oscar style (sniff) - my hearty thanks go to my Mother who taught me primarily how power vocals should sound and how to be a lady, and Kevin who taught me that I didn't need to be one all the time and his life changing scentence of "everyone needs a dream and if you wish hard enough they might just come true" who is my leading and only man, soulmate, etc etc and very importantly of course the whole band from Paul's gotta be just so solo (how does he do it?), to Chris's very acurate and talented bass to Keith's clowning around and super duper drumming. I would also like to thank all my friends who listen to me ranting vocally on a daily basis, currently Richard who is our 5th memeber and does lighting and DJing in the most splendidly organised way! Oh and not forgetting God for her daily dose of support and care!


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